About Us

We are an advisory services B2B platform, a network where small and medium IT companies in India interact and showcase their solutions ( products & services ).

With the help of our parent consultancy company , B2B portals , proprietary databases and network of consultants, based in different geographies, we facilitate interactions and help build partnerships between IT companies and their prospective users / clients.

  • Consultancy company providing services in Business Development & Marketing through Digital Platforms

  • Strong Management Team with versatile national and international exposure in the IT industry

  • Team of Consultants with average experience of 25 years in Indian industry and International Business

  • India expertise on small medium businesses

  • Providing advisory consultancy services through network of Indian IT companies as delivery partners

Our Services:

Advisory Services for IT companies

We offer a neutral B2B platform for the entire range of services and solutions in the IT industry in direct collaboration with our partners. We collaborate with IT companies, providing them Business Development Consultancy and help them generate more business. Our aim is to provide advisory services , aligned to IT companies' business strategy and vision and facilitate business relationship between clients and IT companies in India.

For clients who require IT based solutions / service :

SAS-Sourcing Advisory Services:

  • Solution Provider Assessment service

  • Facilitation and organization of client visits

  • Joint Ventures and Mergers & Acquisition Facilitation

  • Assessment Service forming part of SAS involves :

    • Understanding scope of vendor assessment

    • Identifying & finalizing evaluation criteria along with the client

    • Signing-off evaluation criteria

    • Customizing questionnaire based on assessment scope requirement

    • Identifying list of vendors which fit the criteria based on all available information

    • Validating information by conducting interviews, taking presentations, site visits

    • Preparing evaluation report for each vendor

    • Consolidation and comparison of all inputs for vendors

    • Providing consolidated report to client along with recommendations

    • If required, organizing client visits to shortlisted vendors

For IT companies who are looking for business leads:

IMAS - International Market Advisory Services:

  • Helping Indian IT companies to position themselves as key players in areas of their expertise

  • Providing internet based marketing tools to increase visibility through internet media

  • Facilitating tie-ups with international consultants interested in representing Indian IT & BPO companies

InMAS - Indian Market Advisory Services :

  • Helping International IT and Software Product companies who are interested in entering Indian market

  • Helping Indian regional players in IT and BPO domains wanting to expand and have pan-India presence

  • Facilitating tie-ups with interested partners wanting to represent Indian & International IT companies in their local markets